Friday, 3 February 2012

Closet clean out time!

Heres a few tips I find great for cleaning your room or cupboards out:
Have a one in one out system, If you get something new, throw something old out.
When clearing clothes out, make sure you have scissors handy, You could customise clothes you would have otherwise thrown out (or you can keep them for material.)
Put the radio or a cd on, if you listen to songs on youtube your most likely going to get sidetracked.
Open the windows/let the light in. Its easyer to work when you can see what your doing
Make sure you do one thing at a time, eg one section of a cupboard or you might feel a little overwhelmed with it all.
Sort your things out in an open space. Tidy surroundings means a clear and tidy mind!
DO give things to charity.
Thats it for now. Going to do some tutorials soon and a few current trend posts so keep checking back! x