Sunday, 22 January 2012


So I'm doing "Favourites" where I have to list my favourite artistic related, well you'll see so just read on!
Favourite designer:
Alexander Lee McQueen (rip) Britain's top designer (And iv seen nothing else like him so I would nominate him worlds best designer) He clearly had an eye for colour, structure and pattern. His dresses were pieces of art, yet most of them still entirely wearable. (for the more extreme of us fashion lovers) I have fallen in love with his work since i first saw it when I was about 9 years old, he is my main reason I got in to fashion.
Favourite illustrator:
Laura Laine- Shes a fashion illustrator, who made a range of clothing for h+m with her illustrations on, clearly very stylised, and amazing!
Favourite Shoe designer:
Again I'm going to have to go with McQueen, I love his dramatic showstopping shoes, so creative that the likes of Giuseppe Zanotti, Kurt Geiger and Jimmy Choo could never achieve anything alike.
Favourite fashion magazine:
It cant be any less that vogue, Its enough said.
Favourite fashion quote:
"I don't do fashion, I AM fashion" -coco chanel
"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in
the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" - also coco chanel
That girl rocked quotes!
Favourite print for fabric:
I love Aztec right now, and is doing some amazing nebula/galaxy print clothes,
But my all time favourite is floral. Give me floral anything and I shall be happy!
Favourite piece of jewellery you own:
I got this from topshop (best highstreet jewelery for design ideas) I have the earrings to go with it too :L

Saturday, 14 January 2012


I dont want to sound like im doing one of those "New year, New you posts" HOWEVER my post is about a total life revamp.
Basicly by the end of july I want to change everything, just get rid of everything that once made me a kid, because really my childhoods over and im over it! :)
I just started a new hair blog today too, so check it out heres some images from it, and hopefully my future hair with about 10 sessions of bleach on it ;)
pastel coloured hair <3
So at the end of july im getting tattooed aswell, And not just one..... may end up looking like a suicide girl, but hey!
And I started on my room revamp, it is going to be white eventually, but for now im painting whatever the hell i want on the walls ALL OVER the walls :) (i did this this morning)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Harajuku hair and make-up and a little bit of music

If you like rock and dubstep you should like Dj Sisen ->
Visual kei bands->
The Gazette
Alice nine
Gothic lolita->
Aroral Vampire
Kanon Wakeshima
--------------------Hair and Make-up------------------------
Harajuku street girl
Visual kei

Lolita subtypes

Gothic Lolita
The most recognised of the lolita styles, consists mainly of black and white. The basis for other lolita styles.
Kuro Lolita + Shiro Lolita
Kuro- Japanese for Black and Shiro- Japanese for white, literally means Black lolita and White lolita, and refers to the colour of dress, often with this style they go round in twos, one in black and one in white.
Sweet Lolita
Hime Lolita
Hime (pronounced - Hee -mey) Translates in to Princess, Its very similar to sweet lolita, although usually the dresses are more fitted, and its more acceptable to not wear a blouse underneath them. Crowns are often worn, and hair is usually backcombed at the top and goes in to long ringlets
Country Lolita
Based on old florals and the country, Gingham is often seen, as are strawberry prints, rockingboat shoes, and straw hats.
Other Lolita styles include
Punk Lolita , Aristocrat ,Boystyle ,Classic Lolita (less frills and more muted colours), Sailor Lolita, Wa-Lolita (Geisha inspired lolitawear), Guro Lolita (Gore)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Gothic lolita basics

For years and years I have been in love with Japanese culture and fashion. My main favourite street style was and still is gothic lolita.
I wanted to do a post explaining the gothic lolita style and basics.
Gothic lolita street style was based around English Victorian and Rocco era dresses.
The term lolita in England and America is considered ladylike yet provocative after a film based on the 1940's was released (Enough about that anyways)
Gothic lolita followers consider the style to be cute and covered up, the opposite of provocative
The first garment of lolita wear is the undergarments, traditionally bloomers are worn with petticoats over the top, without this dresses lie flat, you want them to stick out and be volumised.
As for the accessories either a lace headband or mini tophats are worn, occasionaly bonnets feature in lolita style. Chokers are worn with lolita dresses that have low necklines, they often have a gothic style crucafix on them or hanging down.
Long socks must ALWAYS be worn, these are a lolita basic! Leg exposure is considered provocative, and lolita style is supposed to be innocent. Lolita shoes are usually a platform mary jane shoe, ballet pumps are also acceptable, but most lolitas go for these. The T.U.K. sailor shoes (as seen above) are a favourite of mine and go with any dark lolita dresses.
Lolita gloves can be worn (these are usually fingerless) they are usually mainly lace with a corset style middle.
There are many types of lolita dresses, these coloured ones are my favourites at the moment. Ill be posting more on lolita fashion theres more to come!