Friday, 29 April 2011

DIY Nebula Trangle T-shirt

Im sure iv seen this t-shirt in Topshop, or Topman, regardless both are rather expensive and its really easy and cheap to make your own!
All you need is:
. A plain white t-shirt (You can opt for black and cover the whole thing)
. Tape (Scotch or masking tape)
. Scissors
. Fabric paints
. Paint brushes
. And an old Toothbrush
First get your t-shirt and cut the neck and sleeves to the desired fit.
Now flatten your t-shirt out on a smooth surface and tape a triangle (Or whatever shape you want) on to it, make sure the outline of the shape is thick, or the paint will get on the rest of the shirt.
Paint the inner shape all black and wait for it to dry.
Mix blues and any other shades you like and dab them on, again wait for this to dry
Once the nebula pattern is dried its time to add stars so use blue and white paint on a tooth brush and flick it over the t-shirt, it should splatter in to what looks like stars


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Country excursions

Iv been off to the Yorkshire dales for part of my hollidays.
Now I thought im going to be bored stiff, and well, I dont exactly own country friendly clothes, nothing practical apart from one pair of boots!
The majority of my stay I was outside, walking, visiting different towns and loads of little art galleries.
Also going to waterfalls, and I didnt have to go far either, There was a waterfall just accross the road from our house!
Which im rather proud to say I jumped in to!

Friday, 15 April 2011

New hair, Blue hair?

I fancy a change of hair style, I used to change it literally every week, but its been solid brown now for quite some while, im absolultey loving pastel colours (like muted lialac, nommy!) however I would have to bleach the life out of all of my hair, and when you have the side shaved it's not to easy to keep on top of.
Anyways, heres some awesome pastel coloured hairs for inspiration!
The problem I always encounter when changing my hair colour is not really the colour itself, but the way its dyed in to your hair, Iv never really been a fan of tipped hair but iv found some pretty styles for tipped hair, mostly the tips go quite far up the hair, and are a little more alternative than the usual...
This is what im going for:

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Heres my finished outfits for YPins Interfashional catwalk show
Models from left to right: Kerryn Common. Liam Hunter. Louise Herron

(Sorry for the bad quality runway snaps, I obviously didnt take them)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fashion Post 2

I dont know why I bother labelling my posts by numbers, but you got to admit its much easyer to look through!
Anyways, fashion show very soon! Thought id post up one of my outfits (Which is actually for menswear but I love it too!)

Its based on the japanese street style visual kei, I love it!
And then Liam and I had a trip to town, gave the vintage shops a visit, this is behind one of them, just decided to take the opportunity for a quick few photos
I got this gorgeous ring from river island too, Think I will be wearing this on the catwalk.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Quick recipes!

I love cooking, but I hate complex recipes that take ages! So heres an easy vegetarian one for fajitas :) (Obviously if you eat meat you can replace quorn with meat) For 1 person: A small ammount of vegetable oil for stir frying 1 Serving of Quorn chicken style pieces (You can use tofu instead) 1/2 a large red pepper Sweet Chilli sauce (The hotter the better!) 2 Fajita wraps As much or as little Iceburg lettuce as you want Grated Cheese Mayonaise And this is how you make them: 1. Get a pan or wok over a low heat with a small ammount of vegetable oil in 2. Add your quorn and chopped or sliced red peppers with the chilli sauce and cook for 4 minutes or untill browned.

3. Switch the pan off and put the quorn and peppers in the fajita wraps 4. Add your grated cheese over the top then put more sweet chilli sauce on this 5. now add some chopped iceburg lettuce
and mayonaise over the top 6. fold up and eat! delicious!