Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fashion post one

Frizzy hair vs Greasy hair

Topshop Unique (Pictured left) and Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2011 catwalk show both featured big frizzy hair.

This seems to be a recurring trend, However not something anyone often ever wears. The girls on the catwalk rock it but in public you would probably be laughed off the streets!

I personally would love to see this, It would definitley be much quicker to get ready in the mornings!

Greasy hair:

(picture from the cobra shop) I think shiny straightened hair is totally overrated and way too common.

Also easy enough, I think this is pretty killer if your going for a grunge but still high fashion look, Again in reallity your going to have someone telling you to wash your hair.

Large frame nerd style glasses:

(Louise Ebel of lookbook)

I love, love, love these glasses and the irony they were worn by nerds, and were classed as unfashionable they are now is a trend that many fashion bloggers wear. I prefer thinner frame and stalk versions of these for everyday wear.

Big tops:

I love big tops! There fun, floaty, and if your carrying a few extra pounds its one of the most flattering to wear. Perfect for hot hollidays, buy them extra long and wear them with shorts or tights :)

Barber stripe dress from republic:

I love dresses like this, especially with floral prints! I own quite a few but im tempted to get this lovely!

This one from republic is only £24.99

Vivienne Westwood - Melissa shoes:

Iv been mad about these shoes for ages now, and they may be a tad expensive, but you cant deny they are simply gorgeous!

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  1. lol! What a great post! I totally agree about the hair, I love the frizzed out situation.. Big frame glasses are a plus because you get to see so much more out of them than the small ones ^-^ I like the background of your blog!!