Saturday, 2 April 2011

Quick recipes!

I love cooking, but I hate complex recipes that take ages! So heres an easy vegetarian one for fajitas :) (Obviously if you eat meat you can replace quorn with meat) For 1 person: A small ammount of vegetable oil for stir frying 1 Serving of Quorn chicken style pieces (You can use tofu instead) 1/2 a large red pepper Sweet Chilli sauce (The hotter the better!) 2 Fajita wraps As much or as little Iceburg lettuce as you want Grated Cheese Mayonaise And this is how you make them: 1. Get a pan or wok over a low heat with a small ammount of vegetable oil in 2. Add your quorn and chopped or sliced red peppers with the chilli sauce and cook for 4 minutes or untill browned.

3. Switch the pan off and put the quorn and peppers in the fajita wraps 4. Add your grated cheese over the top then put more sweet chilli sauce on this 5. now add some chopped iceburg lettuce
and mayonaise over the top 6. fold up and eat! delicious!

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