Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fashion Post

Omg, Just realised how long its been since I posted! :O
Basicly, just for the update, iv been in america, started fashion college, got a job, and im planning to go to the clothes show live at the end of the year, Hooray!
Thought id post a few things i love right now :)
Jumpers + Tights I cant explain why i like this combo so much, but hey since winters coming might as well stock up on em'!
Floaty fabrics and 60's chic, long skirts especially, dont know if i can pull this off for everday wear though.
Dark see through fabrics, I Just recently bought a black sheer blouse from American Apparel, which is lovely so im putting the link here ;)
Long knee length skirts, with the front cut out! they dont have to be floor length though, if your unsure on them, try different fabrics, or lengths, avoid prints if its on more solid materials like cotton or linnen, or it could look like your wearing a bedsheet.
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