Sunday, 1 January 2012

Gothic lolita basics

For years and years I have been in love with Japanese culture and fashion. My main favourite street style was and still is gothic lolita.
I wanted to do a post explaining the gothic lolita style and basics.
Gothic lolita street style was based around English Victorian and Rocco era dresses.
The term lolita in England and America is considered ladylike yet provocative after a film based on the 1940's was released (Enough about that anyways)
Gothic lolita followers consider the style to be cute and covered up, the opposite of provocative
The first garment of lolita wear is the undergarments, traditionally bloomers are worn with petticoats over the top, without this dresses lie flat, you want them to stick out and be volumised.
As for the accessories either a lace headband or mini tophats are worn, occasionaly bonnets feature in lolita style. Chokers are worn with lolita dresses that have low necklines, they often have a gothic style crucafix on them or hanging down.
Long socks must ALWAYS be worn, these are a lolita basic! Leg exposure is considered provocative, and lolita style is supposed to be innocent. Lolita shoes are usually a platform mary jane shoe, ballet pumps are also acceptable, but most lolitas go for these. The T.U.K. sailor shoes (as seen above) are a favourite of mine and go with any dark lolita dresses.
Lolita gloves can be worn (these are usually fingerless) they are usually mainly lace with a corset style middle.
There are many types of lolita dresses, these coloured ones are my favourites at the moment. Ill be posting more on lolita fashion theres more to come!

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