Friday, 29 April 2011

DIY Nebula Trangle T-shirt

Im sure iv seen this t-shirt in Topshop, or Topman, regardless both are rather expensive and its really easy and cheap to make your own!
All you need is:
. A plain white t-shirt (You can opt for black and cover the whole thing)
. Tape (Scotch or masking tape)
. Scissors
. Fabric paints
. Paint brushes
. And an old Toothbrush
First get your t-shirt and cut the neck and sleeves to the desired fit.
Now flatten your t-shirt out on a smooth surface and tape a triangle (Or whatever shape you want) on to it, make sure the outline of the shape is thick, or the paint will get on the rest of the shirt.
Paint the inner shape all black and wait for it to dry.
Mix blues and any other shades you like and dab them on, again wait for this to dry
Once the nebula pattern is dried its time to add stars so use blue and white paint on a tooth brush and flick it over the t-shirt, it should splatter in to what looks like stars



  1. i want that shirttt!!!
    love it=]

  2. Love it!
    Thankyou for explaining, I shall have to try it out :)

  3. amazing outfit and realy lovely and original desing of a blog so follow!