Saturday, 14 January 2012


I dont want to sound like im doing one of those "New year, New you posts" HOWEVER my post is about a total life revamp.
Basicly by the end of july I want to change everything, just get rid of everything that once made me a kid, because really my childhoods over and im over it! :)
I just started a new hair blog today too, so check it out heres some images from it, and hopefully my future hair with about 10 sessions of bleach on it ;)
pastel coloured hair <3
So at the end of july im getting tattooed aswell, And not just one..... may end up looking like a suicide girl, but hey!
And I started on my room revamp, it is going to be white eventually, but for now im painting whatever the hell i want on the walls ALL OVER the walls :) (i did this this morning)

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