Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Lolita subtypes

Gothic Lolita
The most recognised of the lolita styles, consists mainly of black and white. The basis for other lolita styles.
Kuro Lolita + Shiro Lolita
Kuro- Japanese for Black and Shiro- Japanese for white, literally means Black lolita and White lolita, and refers to the colour of dress, often with this style they go round in twos, one in black and one in white.
Sweet Lolita
Hime Lolita
Hime (pronounced - Hee -mey) Translates in to Princess, Its very similar to sweet lolita, although usually the dresses are more fitted, and its more acceptable to not wear a blouse underneath them. Crowns are often worn, and hair is usually backcombed at the top and goes in to long ringlets
Country Lolita
Based on old florals and the country, Gingham is often seen, as are strawberry prints, rockingboat shoes, and straw hats.
Other Lolita styles include
Punk Lolita , Aristocrat ,Boystyle ,Classic Lolita (less frills and more muted colours), Sailor Lolita, Wa-Lolita (Geisha inspired lolitawear), Guro Lolita (Gore)

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